Revel Social may just be an app, but we're an app that is designed to take the headache out of incredible events. We help handle the guest list, availability, and communication, so you can enjoy a seamless experience with new and interesting people.

We are structured with two types of users in mind: Event Organizers and Members. Though it is possible to be both, Event Organizers are brands, travelers, or any individual interested in hosting an event and socializing with amazing influencers and tastemakers.

Members are curated profiles of individuals across the globe that are interested in being social, in experiencing incredible events, or simply want to meet new people.


Can anyone become a member or host an event?
We pride ourselves on curating both our event organizers and members. We ensure that each are vetted, verified, and quality members of our growing community.

What types of events does Revel throw?
This is where things get fun; our event organizers are empowered to throw exceptional events, so no two are the same. You may experience bottle service in Vegas, a sailing excursion in Europe, or a pool party in Beverly Hills. We thrive on variety.